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Disaster Kit

Preparing Your Disaster Kit

First things first – Don’t be intimidated by the task. Don’t feel that you must be prepared for every single eventuality. Having some preparation is better than having no preparation. Do the best you can. Get what you can afford. But have SOMETHING. A five gallon jug of water set somewhere safe could make all […]

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On top of roof

The Ervin Family Year End Letter!!!

As I sit here trying to write, staring at our crappy little, Charlie Brown, fake Christmas tree, I am beginning to fume about those over achieving bastards that see fit to make rap video Christmas cards that go viral on Facebook. Sure, it’s clever and, sure, it’s funny but did you ever stop to think […]

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Family Values

Americans understand, intuitively perhaps, that the bonds that create a family are the bonds upon which this incredible nation was built. We are more productive than any other country in the world because we want to provide for our families. We have the strongest military in the world because we want to protect our families. […]

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The Four Kids Small

The $ Of Parenting

My sister sent me an e-mail the other day noting that the average price to raise a child in the United States was something like $200,000 to $300,000. Seeing as I live in sunny (read expensive) southern California I’m thinking we’ll be closer to the upper end of that range. I have four kids, so […]

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Richie Parker

Richie Parker – Truly Amazing

There was a time (the vast majority of human existence in fact) when we said, “People cannot fly.” There was a time when we said, “People could never touch the moon.” Time and again, we have been proven wrong. Yet, time and again we, as a species, forget our AMAZING talent for solving problems that […]

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Here is the link to our first radio interview. Know that it is a long one (one hour). The Host, Rob McConnell, was extremely gracious and kind and Brynn and I were very thankful to have him help us through this first foray into radio.

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Naughty Otter in the Water

Many of you know the story of my wife’s cardiac arrest and subsequent coma. If you don’t know the story, go buy several copies of the book (And if you know Oprah or Ellen – Send them a copy for me). If you’ve read the book or know us personally then you know just how […]

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Today I was all set to write a funny little piece about the Sisyphean task of trying to maintain clean laundry in a household with four children. And then, this morning, while at the gym I saw a man go into cardiac arrest and, in all likelihood, die. Having watched my own wife go into […]

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